Hozier’s Cool Shirt!!! (Laura Lynn House)

Okay, I wasn’t going to write about today. I’ve retweeted and posted until my fingers are about to fall off. You know how some of us get a wee bit excited when Hozier does  a cool thing (and let’s agree, all the things he does are cool things).

BUT…. According to P. Ryan (@RianRyan) on Twitter, kids at the Laura Lynn House (Irish children’s hospice for those just tuning in) actually *made* him this awesome shirt!!! Is it true?
Where can we get one like it, kids?! It’s the best!!!

His beautiful voice is intoxicating and hypnotic every time. Hands down, without a doubt.
This shirt, though, is quite a showstopper!!! 🙂

Also, please enjoy these posts from generous event-goers. They were so great to take the time to record their memories.
While you’re at it, make sure you follow Hozier 24/7 on Twitter. We tweet and retweet about all things Hozier related. Tag us so we can retweet you!! 🙂

From Laurie Mannix:

From Daisy McDonald:
From Lorna Grogan:
And the fabulous shirt, this photo from Ham Sandwich:
24059586_865169850327867_8545675090188143698_o (1)

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to pass along your compliments to the children on their amazing handiwork, or let us know if you were there for this event. Thanks so much to all who shared on Twitter for us to see! xo

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Thank you to everyone for showing your support to the ISPCC!!

Puppies, Hozier 24/7 Birthday Bash, and Sofar Winners <3

Hi everyone!! Hope everyone is well! 🙂

I was just having some thoughts and wanted to pop in to chat with you for a sec.

This will be only a little “non-Hozier” and personal, but I think it may be enjoyable, especially for animal lovers.

First, I want to share with you all (you’re the first to know! I haven’t even told my mother lol. Wait, I did tell my sister) my family has a new addition. Her name is Paisley, and she is a gift from nature. (That means she just showed up or was dropped off here.)
She’s a teensy little girl and is much like having a new baby. My kids are in school so her care falls on yours truly! (Yawn…)

Having said all that, I want to ask your forgiveness if I miss posting any game winners on Twitter or Instagram. I want to really focus hard on training our little girl before Hozier releases new music! I will absolutely require every spare moment I can grab to obsess over his new songs and interviews. And videos!
Being a dog lover himself, I feel like Hozier would even prefer I give a lot of focus to Paisley right now. ❤

Also, many of you know how much Karel has going on, too, so we certainly understand any tweeting she misses as well. As devoted fans, we are fortunate so many of you run top of the line, top quality fan accounts for us all to enjoy during these little lulls. We are ready to go hard though, at the first mention of any news!
If anyone wants to tweet or IG the winners, feel free and we’ll definitely get it retweeted/reposted!
Meanwhile, it is so great seeing the games going on in the group and all the great posts. The winners are always posted there faithfully, thanks to our fabulous hosts.

Here are some picture of Little Paisley for you. 🙂
She is really a sweetheart!

Something else on my mind is the Hozier 24/7 Birthday Project. You know we’ve been keeping a link to donate to ISPCC but will really concentrate on this wonderful organization for Hozier’s birthday next year.
If we have any artists, photographers, or any kind of crafts people who want to be thinking of things you’d like to auction for the “Birthday Bash” we’d be so thrilled to get on board with you and support your efforts.
What could be better? You get the satisfaction of contributing to a great cause (while making our group proud) and also we will spread your name and give you some well deserved publicity. I know we have a lot of great, talented people, so I hope to see some of your items up for auction or sale in January! We’ll be talking about it more closer to time. Just putting this out there early. 🙂

If anyone has been busy, away from internet, or in a coma, lately we have been thrilled by Hozier’s interview on RTE 2 FM. He, of course, revealed he is working on that highly sought-after, in-demand sophomore album and is even at the point of trimming away songs he does NOT want to include. (It’s so close I can almost hear it, guys!!!!) If you missed it, check with us in the group or on Twitter and we can hook you up with that interview.

He supported Artists Repeal (Repeal the 8th). Check out his shredding talent!
*Hozier shreds the 8th*

Lastly, but not least, we received some HUGE excitement as we heard that longtime Hozier 24/7 members Lisette and Sharon won tickets to his Sofar Dublin gig. This is not the last you will hear about this! We are thrilled and absolutely cannot wait to share their fun and excitement. There is sure to be plenty of both. We are with them in spirit every moment. 🙂
“Hozier to Play Sofar Gig in Dublin for Give a Home”

Thanks for reading!!! Hope everyone is having a ridiculously great week! Just remember, if your winning post isn’t posted outside the group… it’s not you, it’s Paisley! And send me good puppy-nurturing wishes. Haha! Love you guys ❤

This Week in Hozier 24/7

Hello, everyone! Hope this finds Hozier fans doing fabulously well, wherever you may be.
Let’s talk about some game winners we’ve had this week. Lee Young won host Karel’s Fun Fact Friday with what is, as far as we know, an exclusive to Hozier 24/7 video of Hozier performing with Trinity Orchestra: “My Body is a Cage”. Thank you so much, Lee!!! We thoroughly enjoyed seeing this. It’s obvious why Lee’s winning entry gets top mention here. Exciting for us, right?!
Juliana Leal Saula won Anastasia’s Scholarly Saturday with her favorite song by Nina Simone, I Put a Spell On You while her co-winner Deborah Ann Bennett was reminded of Bill Withers’ Use Me.

For Juliana’s Sultry Sunday, there were two winners, Cathy and Sharon, with wonderful entries:

We were excited to see Hozier’s manager, Caroline Downey post on social media about Hozier’s having been featured in Grace Coddington’s new book: Grace: The American Vogue Years. These images of the extraordinary book were seen on Ms. Downey’s Instagram:
Several fans were excited to go buy their copy! (Please let us know if you ordered and when you receive your book, so we can share your excitement!)
Our longtime friend, member, and art blogger, Lucy posted this neat collage:
Hozier was seen out and about this week in Dublin by Instagramers Dublin. He was so gracious to do a quick video for them and they were extremely kind to tweet it:
Instagramers Dublin Twitter.

He’s been seen enjoying Longitude BUT HANG ON A SEC, THIS JUST IN: A member is reporting that Hozier just performed a set at Longitude… Stay tuned! I’ll definitely be watching the group for updates on this! You are welcome to join us here: Hozier 24/7. Did he join Mumford and Sons? I don’t know. Just going to hold out for further details! 🙂
This is what we have so far:

As for group insights… the theme this week seems to be “Trading Places”. Karel and Pat swapped places in our top 9 most active, just as Lima, Peru swapped places with New York, NY in our most active locations. Thank you, Karel, Pat, and Peru! See you again soon, NY! 😉

We have gained twelve members in the last week. Welcome to all of you!

Oh lookie. As I’m speaking to you, member Julia has shared this with us. Buzz.ie reports Hozier did in fact perform. Check it out here!

Next time I get back to you I will make it a point to go more in depth on our group insights. For now, I want to share, in closing, a new thing we are doing in the group for complaints.
When one is received, the person will be asked to fill out a very brief questionnaire, which will be sent to our (new) moderator/file manager, Emily and/or our four moderators, Phil, Pat, Karel, and Marion. Probably all five. This is so that your problem can be solved fairly and quickly.
(By the way, thank you again Emily for stepping aboard!!)

Thanks for reading and for being part of the group!!! You are loved and appreciated, Hozier fans! ❤

Top Contributors, Banger-fests, Etc.

It’s been a little while since we caught up here, so I thought I’d pop by and talk about what little bit of goings on there are to discuss.
We all know it’s kind of quiet in Hozierville right now and that’s perfectly okay. We have reason to believe magic is a brewin’. 🙂
Not least of all because of the little rumor going around that Hozier has very recently been in the studio with Producer Extraordinaire Ryan Tedder. Please allow me to repeat that this is a rumor. We know nothing for certain, but we are revelling in the essence of possibility.

Before I go any further, let me greet friends we haven’t met yet and welcome you to Hozier 24/7. You can find us on Twitter and Instagram.  All are welcome in our Facebook group and on the page. Speaking of Facebook group, one of our members dug up a buried treasure this week, which you are invited to come see. That would be a video posted October 2015 of Hozier performing the Irish ballad, The Wind That Shakes the Barley.  It is mesmerizing, but of course that’s no surprise. The lyrics are as follows (for those of you who, like me, are suckers for great lyrics):

I sat within a valley green,
I sat there with my true love,
My sad heart strove the two between,
The old love and the new love, –
The old for her, the new that made
Me think of Ireland dearly,
While soft the wind blew down the glade
And shook the golden barley.
Twas hard the woeful words to frame
To break the ties that bound us
Twas harder still to bear the shame
Of foreign chains around us
And so I said, “The mountain glen
I’ll seek next morning early
And join the brave United Men!”
While soft winds shook the barley.
While sad I kissed away her tears,
My fond arms ’round her flinging,
The foeman’s shot burst on our ears,
From out the wildwood ringing, –
A bullet pierced my true love’s side,
In life’s young spring so early,
And on my breast in blood she died
While soft winds shook the barley!
I bore her to the wildwood screen,
And many a summer blossom
I placed with branches thick and green
Above her gore-stain’d bosom:-
I wept and kissed her pale, pale cheek,
Then rushed o’er vale and far lea,
My vengeance on the foe to wreak,
While soft winds shook the barley!
But blood for blood without remorse,
I’ve ta’en at Oulart Hollow
And placed my true love’s clay-cold corpse
Where I full soon will follow;
And round her grave I wander drear,
Noon, night and morning early,
With breaking heart whene’er I hear
The wind that shakes the barley!

Very worthy of mention is the fact that this past week, we welcomed two new Hozier Games hosts aboard: Juliana and Alicia. We’re excited to have them! Juliana’s game is going on right now- a glasses theme- so you still have time to play or vote! Alicia’s first winner was Deborah with this mighty cool gif:

Cathy won Sultry Sunday last time with this gorgeous entry:
cathy ss
Other things that had us chattering this week were when Hozier tweeted some political memes, written about in The Daily Edge and when he said Little Dragon’s Ritual Union album is an “unmitigated banger-fest.” I checked out a couple of songs and can tell you, he’s not telling a story there.

For many of us, Hozier is our very favorite artist, the sun in our sky, so to speak. We delight in hearing his voice as often as possible and just keeping up with all the amazing things he does. It’s a gift that we have fellow members/fans with whom we can share conversations and enthusiasm, so now I’d like to thank our Top Contributors from the last twenty-eight days. Thank you for being the “Blood” of this group. ❤

Also, thanks to these people in these locations for viewing and interacting. You rock!!

We have 2,670 active members this past month out of 4,553 total members and Thursday would appear to be our most active day. 2,670 is pretty good for a relatively new artist who hasn’t been touring in some time, I think!

 So much thanks to you all for posting, reading, checking out our content, and just having our love for Hozier in your newsfeed!

Before I go, I just want to tell you about our friend Lucy and her fan art blog. She spotlights artists who love Hozier like we do and she does a lot of giveaways you may want to check out too. Go visit her here!

Okay, it has been nice chatting. Hope you join us on any of our platforms and have a great week! 🙂

Hozier Games

As promised, today is a day for me to catch up on posting Hozier Games winners! For several weeks, posting across all our platforms has been a little hit-and-miss, so this post will hopefully cover all the missed ones.

For those just joining us, we have busied ourselves with these games since Hozier’s two year tour ended. We had become quite spoiled by daily news, videos, tweets, and/or photos of him. We needed a little something to soften the blow of his almost-absence.

Beth Collins is our Sultry Sunday game host, and I should add that she is quite a wonderful host. Here are some of her recent winners:


Yes, if you didn’t already know, Sunday is a favorite in Hozier 24/7! Thanks, Beth, and thanks to all who play. 🙂

Our Meme Monday host has changed recently. Samantha needed to step down for now, but we are so thankful for the meme fun she gave us. Our new host is Clarice and she is just as splendid! Mondays are lots of fun. Here are some of her winners (and her game posts too- if you are a longtime member or avid player, you’ll spot Clarice in one of these immediately:

Ok, spoiler alert: There’s Clarice in the second photo ^ wearing pink, with Amy, making their own Hozier sandwich, à la Saturday Night Live.

Some more of her Meme Monday winners:

and one made by Samantha plus one of her winners:

Thanks, Samantha, Clarice, and all our Meme Monday players!
Carrie Hawkins Zapf is our Tickled Tuesday host. As you can imagine, we are always tickled on Tuesdays! Some of her more popular winners are:


Bianca hosts Watch Me Wednesday for us, which gives us the opportunity to watch all our favorite videos or video clips together. Here are a few of those winners:

From Emanuela: Hozier – Problem (Ariana Grande cover in the Live Lounge)

Deborah (this is her own video): Hozier at Manchester Apollo 6.2.2016 Young American (David Bowie Tribute)

Juliana: Hozier – “Like Real People Do” (FUV Live at Electric Lady Studios)

Pat (video created by member Crystal): HOZIER – “RUN” with LYRICS

Submitted by Juliana (and dearly loved by many of us): Hozier: Sweet Thing (Van Morrison Cover) – Naked Noise Session

Sharon (her own video): Hozier – Arsonist’s Lullabye (Palladium Cologne 21-02-2016)

Thanks for always giving us a very entertaining and Hozierlicious Wednesday, Bianca!

Pat is our wonderful Throwback Thursday host. Who doesn’t love seeing all the fun and adorable throwbacks?? Yes, I know we are all dying for that super duper throwback (Andrew as a very little one), but these will certainly do. Here are some of her winners:

Many thanks to Pat and all the participants! We just love those. Definitely search the group for TBT if you want to see some great things. 🙂

Karel is our sweet host for Fun Fact Friday. This is a day where we share- you guessed it- fun facts! Here are a few of her winners:

Thank you, Karel and everyone! How we delight in those fun Hozier facts!

Finally, to close out our week with some brain food, delightful Scholarly Saturday host Anastasia brings some nuggets of wisdom to our attention. Some of the recent winners of her day are:


17629750_774909855992166_1694238316283054982_n (1)

Thanks, Anastasia!! You make Saturdays deeply enriching. (Seriously, you all need to head over to the group to bear witness to Anastasia’s completely brilliant posts.)

There we have it! Our week from start to finish. Hozier and you all make our days SO much fun.
Looking forward to seeing who our winner is tomorrow! 🙂

ISPCC Update (Thanks, Lisette!)

What a thrill to discover today that longtime Hozier fan and Hozier 24/7 member Lisette Broeken has joined our team and donated to ISPCC!

Furthermore, she had this to say:
“I love Andrew, and love H24/7. This group partly helped me through my bad days of unemployment, with news, fun, etc..Just found a great new job, and I love to donate a small part of my first paycheck, received today, to this great cause!”

What a privilege to have her on our team and in our group.

With Hozier’s birthday being a little under ten months away, our group’s kindness continues to mesmerize. 🙂

How fortunate Lisette’s employer is to have her!! We are all so happy  she likes her new job. There’s nothing better than seeing things work out as they should for truly outstanding people.

Lisette is in great company on our group’s ISPCC team of donors with Nancy, Pat, Emily, Karel, Phil, Audie, Amanda, Janet, and Marion.

This is not a plea for donations (you know it’s our birthday event), but it would not feel right to not post our link for those who would very much like to donate at this time. For that reason, I’ll go ahead and leave it with you:

Lisette was greeted by our sweet Andrew (okay, Hozier, to be less mushy) in Lisbon as well as at the O2 Silver Clefs Awards in London. She kindly shared her experiences with us and the joy was palpable! It’s so funny the way we all get so excited for our fellow fans as if we are there with them. Thankfully, Lisette made it feel as though we were!

Here she is with him in London:
(Edited since this post spotlights Lisette 🙂 )

Read more about this prestigious award here.

Hozier and Barry Gibb:
image from Nordoff Robbins

Hozier attends the Nordoff Robbins O2 Silver Clef Awards at The Grosvenor House Hotel on July 1, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Please visit Flickr to view photos of his Lisbon show which Lisette shared with us in the group. She can be seen on the front row. Looks like it was quite a show!

Also check out the great review he got in Lisbon here.
From photographer, Luis Sousa:

We always like to revisit our memories and photos we haven’t seen in a bit, so it’s fun to share those here. That’s it for this post, but stay tuned… Catching up on Hozier Games winners in the very near future is the plan. Looking forward to it, as seeing the winning entries are always fun.

Thank you again, Lisette!! It was also fun to take a stroll down your memory lane. We’re all looking forward to future shows with you. May your career be long, satisfying, and prosperous!


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