Hozier 24/7 at Rockin’ the Roses

We all know we have been missing Hozier fiercely since his extensive tour ended. We have been fortunate to see him here and there, but mostly, it’s just been a sad time for us hardcore fans.

We’ve busied ourselves with “Hozier Games” to pass the time. Honestly, it’s been loads of fun playing with you all! However, we were in dire need of some Hozier magic, even only one night, until the next tour begins.

As you know, the Universe smiled on us and several of our members went to see him in San Francisco at the Great American Music Hall as he performed to benefit Bread and Roses. The event was a huge success, and of course sold out! What a truly wonderful organization to support.

You’ll have to head over to our Facebook group for details, but for now, we’ll post the highlights and unforgettable moments.

To kick off the evening with a bang, Emily met Hozier (her first time) outside the venue and gave him one of her awesome photo edits (search here).
Watch Emily’s Encounter With Hozier!

Click here to see Karel’s first time meeting Hozier and see him with Maryanne.

So many more of our members attended and perhaps in the future we’ll share more here about this fabulous night… For now, you know the routine. Head on over and be with us! We share so much more there than could ever be found through a random search. Our members are always sharing their personal Hozier treasures. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!  Wishing you all lots of Hozier hugs and shows! We leave you with this clip of Hozier performing his beautiful Work Song with HONEYHONEY Band, posted by fan, Tracy. Just click here…

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