Hozier 24/7 Proudly Supports ISPCC

RTE 2FM Xmas Ball 2015
Going to sort of start from the end and go back to the beginning of the story with this post, if that’s okay just this once. 🙂

For starters, if you’d like to join our team by making a donation of any amount to Irish child protection charity, ISPCC, here is our link:
Hozier 24/7 Supports ISPCC

It was SO exciting to see a notification today that Hozier 24/7 member (and Rockin’ the Roses attendee) Janet Miller made a donation on behalf of our group to ISPCC !
(I feel I need to tell you that I have it on good authority that Janet is a sweet soul who we will all be fortunate to meet up with at future shows.)

The plan was/is to make a big group donation for Hozier’s (March) birthday. I’ll show you how it’s worded on our Everyday Hero page (you only have time in a day to click on so many links):
“Hi, group members. As you may know, we have committed to lifetime support of ISPCC, so it seems fitting to have a link up at all times for anyone who wishes to give. This endeavor will mainly be part of our annual March birthday celebration though. Thank you in advance to all of you who participate in our birthday donations to a wonderful cause in honor of Hozier!”

So, the fact that we have a team of ten already is something that makes me pretty proud of our group! So many of you are kind, generous, caring people and personally speaking, I hope to have the opportunity to meet each of you!

Please note that if you plan to hold off until March, that is completely fine and appreciated more than could ever be stated.  If you are unable to give, you are still a highly valued member. We are just doing this for birthday fun and to give back to a wonderful human who adds so much to our lives.

Since this blog was only restarted very recently, I want to again thank those who contributed to our team’s cause:






Amanda (Moo)



and today, of course, Janet.

This has been edited to include Nancy Parker. Thanks SO much Nancy!!! We are grateful to be building a very sturdy, solid team. What a great day. 🙂

If you’re just joining us, you might say, well that’s all well and good, but why ISPCC? Well, Hozier himself is a supporter of this organization. Here are some links to videos of him performing at their Christmas Ball in 2015:
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Angel of Small Death & the Codeine Scene
Someone New
Jackie and Wilson

Incidentally, a subgroup of his loving fans (some of our members, some not) made a donation at that time to ISPCC.
Additionally, another small subgroup kindly donated this past March 2017. It was not organized by Hozier 24/7, although some in that group are our members, and we are immensely proud of them.
Hozier himself had this to say:

Fans scurried all over Twitter to set him straight. Members came out of the woodwork to speak on behalf of the group. It was quite an ordeal. The conclusion, however, was simply that those individuals who donated carried out a wonderful act of generosity for a deserving organization. It is a credit to Hozier that his impeccable character brings out the best in all of us.
Hopefully, any hurt feelings quickly subsided. I’ll explain why I think there should not have been any ill feelings at all. Hozier 24/7 consists of thousands of members. If you are a Hozier fan, it’s plausible that you are with us on at least one of our platforms, or have been at some time. It’s easier for him to address everyone rather than a handful of people. (Can you imagine how horrified he’d feel if he left people out?!) Being the wise professor (as we lovingly call him) he is, he surely thought, better to thank too many than too few.

Having said all that, you are very welcome to join us in March for our big birthday celebration! For those who do their own thing, we celebrate all your efforts. You do him awfully proud!

Additionally, Hozier had this to say about gifts during his Reddit AMA:

Oh hey! It’s worthy of mention that we did support another wonderful charity,  Sweet Relief in 2016.  Here is our page if you want to see what you missed. Hozier 24/7 member, Dawn told us about them and we were so glad she did! They were wonderful, and Brittani is a genius. She worked closely with us and answered all questions members had.

In conclusion, we are SO thrilled to be ISPCC supporters and SO proud to have Janet Miller and Nancy Parker on board!!
ispcc12fm XMAS BALL 12.inddispcc4

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