ISPCC Update (Thanks, Lisette!)

What a thrill to discover today that longtime Hozier fan and Hozier 24/7 member Lisette Broeken has joined our team and donated to ISPCC!

Furthermore, she had this to say:
“I love Andrew, and love H24/7. This group partly helped me through my bad days of unemployment, with news, fun, etc..Just found a great new job, and I love to donate a small part of my first paycheck, received today, to this great cause!”

What a privilege to have her on our team and in our group.

With Hozier’s birthday being a little under ten months away, our group’s kindness continues to mesmerize. 🙂

How fortunate Lisette’s employer is to have her!! We are all so happy  she likes her new job. There’s nothing better than seeing things work out as they should for truly outstanding people.

Lisette is in great company on our group’s ISPCC team of donors with Nancy, Pat, Emily, Karel, Phil, Audie, Amanda, Janet, and Marion.

This is not a plea for donations (you know it’s our birthday event), but it would not feel right to not post our link for those who would very much like to donate at this time. For that reason, I’ll go ahead and leave it with you:

Lisette was greeted by our sweet Andrew (okay, Hozier, to be less mushy) in Lisbon as well as at the O2 Silver Clefs Awards in London. She kindly shared her experiences with us and the joy was palpable! It’s so funny the way we all get so excited for our fellow fans as if we are there with them. Thankfully, Lisette made it feel as though we were!

Here she is with him in London:
(Edited since this post spotlights Lisette 🙂 )

Read more about this prestigious award here.

Hozier and Barry Gibb:
image from Nordoff Robbins

Hozier attends the Nordoff Robbins O2 Silver Clef Awards at The Grosvenor House Hotel on July 1, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Please visit Flickr to view photos of his Lisbon show which Lisette shared with us in the group. She can be seen on the front row. Looks like it was quite a show!

Also check out the great review he got in Lisbon here.
From photographer, Luis Sousa:

We always like to revisit our memories and photos we haven’t seen in a bit, so it’s fun to share those here. That’s it for this post, but stay tuned… Catching up on Hozier Games winners in the very near future is the plan. Looking forward to it, as seeing the winning entries are always fun.

Thank you again, Lisette!! It was also fun to take a stroll down your memory lane. We’re all looking forward to future shows with you. May your career be long, satisfying, and prosperous!

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