Hozier Games

As promised, today is a day for me to catch up on posting Hozier Games winners! For several weeks, posting across all our platforms has been a little hit-and-miss, so this post will hopefully cover all the missed ones.

For those just joining us, we have busied ourselves with these games since Hozier’s two year tour ended. We had become quite spoiled by daily news, videos, tweets, and/or photos of him. We needed a little something to soften the blow of his almost-absence.

Beth Collins is our Sultry Sunday game host, and I should add that she is quite a wonderful host. Here are some of her recent winners:


Yes, if you didn’t already know, Sunday is a favorite in Hozier 24/7! Thanks, Beth, and thanks to all who play. 🙂

Our Meme Monday host has changed recently. Samantha needed to step down for now, but we are so thankful for the meme fun she gave us. Our new host is Clarice and she is just as splendid! Mondays are lots of fun. Here are some of her winners (and her game posts too- if you are a longtime member or avid player, you’ll spot Clarice in one of these immediately:

Ok, spoiler alert: There’s Clarice in the second photo ^ wearing pink, with Amy, making their own Hozier sandwich, à la Saturday Night Live.

Some more of her Meme Monday winners:

and one made by Samantha plus one of her winners:

Thanks, Samantha, Clarice, and all our Meme Monday players!
Carrie Hawkins Zapf is our Tickled Tuesday host. As you can imagine, we are always tickled on Tuesdays! Some of her more popular winners are:


Bianca hosts Watch Me Wednesday for us, which gives us the opportunity to watch all our favorite videos or video clips together. Here are a few of those winners:

From Emanuela: Hozier – Problem (Ariana Grande cover in the Live Lounge)

Deborah (this is her own video): Hozier at Manchester Apollo 6.2.2016 Young American (David Bowie Tribute)

Juliana: Hozier – “Like Real People Do” (FUV Live at Electric Lady Studios)

Pat (video created by member Crystal): HOZIER – “RUN” with LYRICS

Submitted by Juliana (and dearly loved by many of us): Hozier: Sweet Thing (Van Morrison Cover) – Naked Noise Session

Sharon (her own video): Hozier – Arsonist’s Lullabye (Palladium Cologne 21-02-2016)

Thanks for always giving us a very entertaining and Hozierlicious Wednesday, Bianca!

Pat is our wonderful Throwback Thursday host. Who doesn’t love seeing all the fun and adorable throwbacks?? Yes, I know we are all dying for that super duper throwback (Andrew as a very little one), but these will certainly do. Here are some of her winners:

Many thanks to Pat and all the participants! We just love those. Definitely search the group for TBT if you want to see some great things. 🙂

Karel is our sweet host for Fun Fact Friday. This is a day where we share- you guessed it- fun facts! Here are a few of her winners:

Thank you, Karel and everyone! How we delight in those fun Hozier facts!

Finally, to close out our week with some brain food, delightful Scholarly Saturday host Anastasia brings some nuggets of wisdom to our attention. Some of the recent winners of her day are:


17629750_774909855992166_1694238316283054982_n (1)

Thanks, Anastasia!! You make Saturdays deeply enriching. (Seriously, you all need to head over to the group to bear witness to Anastasia’s completely brilliant posts.)

There we have it! Our week from start to finish. Hozier and you all make our days SO much fun.
Looking forward to seeing who our winner is tomorrow! 🙂

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