This Week in Hozier 24/7

Hello, everyone! Hope this finds Hozier fans doing fabulously well, wherever you may be.
Let’s talk about some game winners we’ve had this week. Lee Young won host Karel’s Fun Fact Friday with what is, as far as we know, an exclusive to Hozier 24/7 video of Hozier performing with Trinity Orchestra: “My Body is a Cage”. Thank you so much, Lee!!! We thoroughly enjoyed seeing this. It’s obvious why Lee’s winning entry gets top mention here. Exciting for us, right?!
Juliana Leal Saula won Anastasia’s Scholarly Saturday with her favorite song by Nina Simone, I Put a Spell On You while her co-winner Deborah Ann Bennett was reminded of Bill Withers’ Use Me.

For Juliana’s Sultry Sunday, there were two winners, Cathy and Sharon, with wonderful entries:

We were excited to see Hozier’s manager, Caroline Downey post on social media about Hozier’s having been featured in Grace Coddington’s new book: Grace: The American Vogue Years. These images of the extraordinary book were seen on Ms. Downey’s Instagram:
Several fans were excited to go buy their copy! (Please let us know if you ordered and when you receive your book, so we can share your excitement!)
Our longtime friend, member, and art blogger, Lucy posted this neat collage:
Hozier was seen out and about this week in Dublin by Instagramers Dublin. He was so gracious to do a quick video for them and they were extremely kind to tweet it:
Instagramers Dublin Twitter.

He’s been seen enjoying Longitude BUT HANG ON A SEC, THIS JUST IN: A member is reporting that Hozier just performed a set at Longitude… Stay tuned! I’ll definitely be watching the group for updates on this! You are welcome to join us here: Hozier 24/7. Did he join Mumford and Sons? I don’t know. Just going to hold out for further details! 🙂
This is what we have so far:

As for group insights… the theme this week seems to be “Trading Places”. Karel and Pat swapped places in our top 9 most active, just as Lima, Peru swapped places with New York, NY in our most active locations. Thank you, Karel, Pat, and Peru! See you again soon, NY! 😉

We have gained twelve members in the last week. Welcome to all of you!

Oh lookie. As I’m speaking to you, member Julia has shared this with us. reports Hozier did in fact perform. Check it out here!

Next time I get back to you I will make it a point to go more in depth on our group insights. For now, I want to share, in closing, a new thing we are doing in the group for complaints.
When one is received, the person will be asked to fill out a very brief questionnaire, which will be sent to our (new) moderator/file manager, Emily and/or our four moderators, Phil, Pat, Karel, and Marion. Probably all five. This is so that your problem can be solved fairly and quickly.
(By the way, thank you again Emily for stepping aboard!!)

Thanks for reading and for being part of the group!!! You are loved and appreciated, Hozier fans! ❤

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