Puppies, Hozier 24/7 Birthday Bash, and Sofar Winners <3

Hi everyone!! Hope everyone is well! 🙂

I was just having some thoughts and wanted to pop in to chat with you for a sec.

This will be only a little “non-Hozier” and personal, but I think it may be enjoyable, especially for animal lovers.

First, I want to share with you all (you’re the first to know! I haven’t even told my mother lol. Wait, I did tell my sister) my family has a new addition. Her name is Paisley, and she is a gift from nature. (That means she just showed up or was dropped off here.)
She’s a teensy little girl and is much like having a new baby. My kids are in school so her care falls on yours truly! (Yawn…)

Having said all that, I want to ask your forgiveness if I miss posting any game winners on Twitter or Instagram. I want to really focus hard on training our little girl before Hozier releases new music! I will absolutely require every spare moment I can grab to obsess over his new songs and interviews. And videos!
Being a dog lover himself, I feel like Hozier would even prefer I give a lot of focus to Paisley right now. ❤

Also, many of you know how much Karel has going on, too, so we certainly understand any tweeting she misses as well. As devoted fans, we are fortunate so many of you run top of the line, top quality fan accounts for us all to enjoy during these little lulls. We are ready to go hard though, at the first mention of any news!
If anyone wants to tweet or IG the winners, feel free and we’ll definitely get it retweeted/reposted!
Meanwhile, it is so great seeing the games going on in the group and all the great posts. The winners are always posted there faithfully, thanks to our fabulous hosts.

Here are some picture of Little Paisley for you. 🙂
She is really a sweetheart!

Something else on my mind is the Hozier 24/7 Birthday Project. You know we’ve been keeping a link to donate to ISPCC but will really concentrate on this wonderful organization for Hozier’s birthday next year.
If we have any artists, photographers, or any kind of crafts people who want to be thinking of things you’d like to auction for the “Birthday Bash” we’d be so thrilled to get on board with you and support your efforts.
What could be better? You get the satisfaction of contributing to a great cause (while making our group proud) and also we will spread your name and give you some well deserved publicity. I know we have a lot of great, talented people, so I hope to see some of your items up for auction or sale in January! We’ll be talking about it more closer to time. Just putting this out there early. 🙂

If anyone has been busy, away from internet, or in a coma, lately we have been thrilled by Hozier’s interview on RTE 2 FM. He, of course, revealed he is working on that highly sought-after, in-demand sophomore album and is even at the point of trimming away songs he does NOT want to include. (It’s so close I can almost hear it, guys!!!!) If you missed it, check with us in the group or on Twitter and we can hook you up with that interview.

He supported Artists Repeal (Repeal the 8th). Check out his shredding talent!
*Hozier shreds the 8th*

Lastly, but not least, we received some HUGE excitement as we heard that longtime Hozier 24/7 members Lisette and Sharon won tickets to his Sofar Dublin gig. This is not the last you will hear about this! We are thrilled and absolutely cannot wait to share their fun and excitement. There is sure to be plenty of both. We are with them in spirit every moment. 🙂
“Hozier to Play Sofar Gig in Dublin for Give a Home”

Thanks for reading!!! Hope everyone is having a ridiculously great week! Just remember, if your winning post isn’t posted outside the group… it’s not you, it’s Paisley! And send me good puppy-nurturing wishes. Haha! Love you guys ❤

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