Sofar Sounds Adventures #GiveAHome

Well where to start? My day started at 5.15 in the morning to get ready for my flight. After some delay with my trains, I finally arrived at the airport. This would be the first time that I fly by myself, so I was a bit afraid but hey it’s for Andrew so let’s do this!


After I arrived in Dublin, I meet up with Lisette. We had a drink at Grafton street (of course). After the drinks it was time to go to our hotels to get ready for the night. I had a little walk through the city while waiting for my room to be ready and wow, Dublin and Ireland stole my heart forever. So beautiful!


When we were ready, we decided to have a quick view at the venue but there was nobody. So we decided to have a little diner (we could better called it a few bites haha).
After diner when went back to the venue and there were 2 other very nice people waiting. We chat a bit with them and then someone from Sofar Dublin (Clare) showed up at the door. When she heard we’re from holland, she recognised me from twitter (she tweeted me: Oh my! No preasure so…!) and told us she would try to arrange something for us after the show. How sweet is that!?


After that it was almost time to enter and we found out it was a beautiful venue (old woollen mill/warehouse). We choose our seats of course front row in the center.


Time to start: Lewis Kenny started the show with his poetry. Couldn’t understand everything (Irish is quite hard to understand but already started with a app to learn some Irish, I really think it’s a wonderful language) but the things I could understand were pretty good. After Lewis Kenny it was time for Sorcha Richardson, she’s great! Never heard from her, but it sounded great! When she finished her show, Colm O’Gorman from Amnesty Ireland had a little talk. He even mentioned us from Holland, how sweet!


After a quick break, it’s was Wyvern Lingo time. Oh I love those girls, they are amazing live!
And finally it was time so Andrew live again, after 1,5 years. I was so excited and couldn’t stop smiling. He played 4 songs: To Be Alone, From Eden, The Lakes of Pontchartrain (Paul Brady cover) and Take Me To Church. Also the joke with the dungarees was awesome. Before we all know there was a pair of dungarees flying through the venue haha. (I already ask if John Varvatos can please design a pair of dungarees fitted for tall (Irish) men).


After Andrew was finished a photographer came up to me if she could make a picture from my with my bag, of course. Also told her about my tattoo, so she made a picture of that as well. She was always amazed by the fact we came from Holland.


While we were standing in the hall, Stace from D-light studios came up to us and ask us if we really came from Holland for this. Yes we did. She told us to give her 2 minutes and before we knew, we were in the dressing room ! Had a chat with Andrew about my tattoo and show it to him, Lisette talked about the little noisy thing inside of her beer. She also had a little gift for him. We also had a big laugh about the fact that I was wearing dungarees as well (I didn’t throw them, I knew for sure they would be way too short for Andrew lol!)  After that I chat a bit with Andrews mum, what an angel is she! She kept saying how wonderful it was that we were there and hugged us. Talked a bit about Ireland with her, and she said I definitely needed to come back to see Wicklow and the Wicklow Mountains.

After that it was already time to say goodbye with a big hug, couldn’t resist to tell Andrew that I can’t wait for some new music and he told me soon. I’m always very curious so I was like (with some big puppy eyes), how soon is soon? He told me let’s say soonish, not very soon, but soonish. Still wander what it soonish, but hey apparently  (and hopefully) we don’t have to wait that long anymore!

I already thanked them on social media but I can’t thank them enough. So a massive thank you to Clare and the rest of the Sofar Sounds Dublin team and to Stace from D-light studios and her team! You are amazing and did a fantastic job! You really made our trip even better I could even think of ❤!


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