Hozier’s Cool Shirt!!! (Laura Lynn House)

Okay, I wasn’t going to write about today. I’ve retweeted and posted until my fingers are about to fall off. You know how some of us get a wee bit excited when Hozier does  a cool thing (and let’s agree, all the things he does are cool things).

BUT…. According to P. Ryan (@RianRyan) on Twitter, kids at the Laura Lynn House (Irish children’s hospice for those just tuning in) actually *made* him this awesome shirt!!! Is it true?
Where can we get one like it, kids?! It’s the best!!!

His beautiful voice is intoxicating and hypnotic every time. Hands down, without a doubt.
This shirt, though, is quite a showstopper!!! 🙂

Also, please enjoy these posts from generous event-goers. They were so great to take the time to record their memories.
While you’re at it, make sure you follow Hozier 24/7 on Twitter. We tweet and retweet about all things Hozier related. Tag us so we can retweet you!! 🙂

From Laurie Mannix:

From Daisy McDonald:
From Lorna Grogan:
And the fabulous shirt, this photo from Ham Sandwich:
24059586_865169850327867_8545675090188143698_o (1)

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to pass along your compliments to the children on their amazing handiwork, or let us know if you were there for this event. Thanks so much to all who shared on Twitter for us to see! xo

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