Hozier Blanket Raffle to Benefit ISPCC

Guys, I’m so beyond grateful for all the kind things you said about this little project. I was so nervous about posting, and am both relieved and overjoyed that you liked it!! 🙂

As I said before, I so badly want to make one for each and every member of our wonderful group. We are truly ridiculously fortunate to have the sweetest people here. Time and limited resources would prevent me from ever accomplishing that, so this is the best I can do for now. 😦

Obviously, for ISPCC, our love of Hozier/desire to express our appreciation for him on his birthday, and group pride, we want to raise as much money as possible. I gave that a lot of thought and mulled over raffle vs. auction.
Ultimately, it wasn’t all about the most money that could be raised though. We will have every year from here on to do bigger and better fundraisers. We can outdo ourselves every year if we choose to. (By the way, Emily is coordinating for us this year. You can get with her if you’d like to submit something for auction. You can absolutely do it yourself too. Every bit donated through our group’s link is accepted and tremendously appreciated.)
Basically, I realize I probably put more into this project than it’ll raise and I’m okay with that. It ends up most likely partially being somewhat of a gift from me to the winner and that just makes it that much more meaningful to me.
I decided against auctioning it, starting it at the least amount I’d ask.

Instead, it’s going into a raffle!


To participate, those interested may buy one chance for 3 euros (don’t worry; the site works out your currency, so it’s not complicated. That’s $3.67 USD.) You would just enter 3 euros in the space.
Or, you can buy four chances for 10 euros. (That’s 12.23 USD.)
It doesn’t matter to me if four people or fifty have participated. On Andrew’s birthday, a winner will be announced! That’s 58 days from today! 🙂 
Important: To enter, please make sure you type “Raffle” in the memo on our everyday hero page when you donate. 
When it’s over, I will collect the names of all participants, then hand them over to a third party to put in an online random name selector. Obviously your name will be entered as many times as you have bought chances.
Here is the link you would use, just click below:
Hozier 24/7 Supports ISPCC

This way, anyone who wants to participate can. I was going to make it 2.50 per chance, but the site has a minimum of 3.
It’s super easy! If you have ever bought anything online, you’ll be able to buy your “ticket”.
100% of proceeds go immediately, directly to ISPCC. Wait, I do think everyday hero takes a very nominal fee, but ISPCC is very much aware and in charge of all interactions. No money will be collected by me or anyone else in the group for this raffle.

I’m going to keep this “group exclusive” to keep it special for just us, if that makes sense. I’m not posting this anywhere outside the group. It’s totally okay with me though if you share to increase your chances of winning, or whatever you want to do.
You have the option of anonymity on the fundraiser page, but please still type “raffle” in the memo. You can privately message me your name, if that’s what you choose.

I’m just rambling here, but you know, I don’t even really believe in fate or predestination or whatever you want to call it. But with this, I think my little quilt will go to the right person. Some of you know I wanted to play Dirty Santa because I couldn’t decide which of my nephews to gift another quilt! (Thankfully, that got settled for me.) For someone who doesn’t believe in fate to be fully confident this will end as it needs to whether it raises 6 euros (I know two of you will play lol!!) or whatever amount… I’m not really sure what that says about me, but because I know it is going to its new home, I’m EXCITED!!! 😀
I don’t care where you are, I will ship it to you. I have a fancy red and black plaid box to put it in, too.

I hope several members will play along!
Here are some specs:
Approximately 51 x 39.5 inches. (More “throw” size. I figured bedspread size might turn some people off. Pros/cons either way I guess.)
Thick, fluffy, and prewashed.
Reversible: Don’t want to fly your Hozier flag, but want to be cozy? Just flip it. 🙂
Buffalo plaid!!!

You know the black ball fringe/pom poms I said I was adding? I’m leaving that up to the winner to decide if they want them or not. Please do NOT say no to make it easier on me, because it can be sewn on in a matter of minutes, I promise. I just want the winner to have their preference. Those aren’t everyone’s style.

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!! Thank you so much for reading. 🙂 ❤

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