Raffle Update #1

Greetings! 🙂

I only plan to update about once a week. For those completely uninterested in this raffle: not to worry! Hehe!!
Just wanted to touch base about a couple of items before letting it go for a week or so. I’m thinking I’ll update on Thursdays? Not totally sure yet.
Before I go on, a link to our donation page -just type “raffle” in the memo space to enter-
Hozier 24/7 Supports ISPCC

Lisette asked a GREAT question which I didn’t previously think to cover in the rules.
She asked how long this would run. People can buy chances to win until March 17. I don’t know what time that day I’ll be doing the drawing, so I really don’t recommend entering on the very last day. The 16th or before would be better because I can’t guarantee anything the day of the drawing. As I type this, it is 5:35 pm January 19, if that helps.

57 days until Hozier’s birthday/our raffle drawing!!! 😀

The ball fringe that was stuck in Memphis arrived today! I’m pleased with the looks of it. Still leaving that choice up to the winner.

Karel has been SoooOOOoooo kind to help me keep track of everyone’s “tickets”. (Thank you, Karel!!!) Going to keep that updated here weekly. If anyone has any disputes with it, please don’t hesitate to comment and we’ll iron everything out. I was actually over-counting, and Karel explained to me about the small processing fee. Facepalm! But it didn’t make a big difference. It was just confusing on my end.
Right now, this is where we stand:
20 Clarice Joos 4 Emily Reeves 20 Pat Fleischmann 6 Carolyn Spurrell 4 Deborah Bennett 20 Mary Rogan 40 Karel Obenauf 4 Marion Van Der Steen 8 Lisette Broeken 4 Anonymous 130 total so far.

One or two have contributed since that (thank you!!!) and we’ll be sure to add those in as well.

If there’s anyone who only wants to buy one chance at winning, don’t forget you can certainly do that for $3.00! Maybe you can afford more but are kind of frugal/choosy with your hard earned moulah (like many of us). Whatever the case is, if you would like to win, don’t let the small amount stop you!! 🙂
A chance is a chance and every dime goes to charity. And this is our birthday present, as a group, to Hozier! Emily and I both like to make videos, (she’s better at it lol) so I imagine one of us will make a little vid to rehash the birthday goings-on. If you participate in any part of it, your name will probably show up in the video!

Part of the festivities so far has of course been Rosalba Emmanuel-King’s beautiful Hozier portrait calendars! I am loving mine and I know everyone else is too. Emily will get us all up to speed on that and the redbubble activity, too, when she has time. 🙂

So, since yesterday, $375 (let me back up- I think that’s actually $458 USD) has been contributed to ISPCC from members of Hozier 24/7. That’s at least seven times the amount I believed we would raise through this raffle. You guys are PHENOMENAL!!!!
To date, we have given 1,078.40.

Thank you from the depths of my heart for playing along and also for inviting my first Hozier quilt into your homes.  That’s really an honor and I couldn’t be happier.

Everyone have a great weekend!!! ❤


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